i heart LB ART

Long Beach, a City that supports the ARTS + ARTISTS, is a fantastic place to call home. Recently, the Arts Council for Long Beach approached me to create some awards for the State of Arts - 2015 event. I was able to channel my love for this City, passion for the arts, and be inspired by all the wonderful awardees into this collection. The piece above was created with elements from each of the awards for FUN to commemorate the experience.  Framed versions were presented to the Arts Council for Long Beach and the Office of the Mayor as a, "thanks for including me."

i heart Arts Council for Long Beach + i heart Mayor Robert.

Learn more about each awardee by clicking on the award.

 2015 Arts Volunteer

 2015 Arts Innovator - MADE in Long Beach

 2015 Economic Development Arts Trailblazer - BKBIA

 2015 Arts Educator - Danny Flores

 2015 James H Ackerman Arts Philanthropists - The Hartman's

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