haiku + mural = ❤

california heights / fun bixby to wardlow lime / to gardenia map
= haiku
+ mural by me
w/ lots of painting help from the Tanakas

Fun Fun Fun

  • As a lil LB sprout I attended Cal Heights Preschool. For one summer I participated in the Cal Heights Summer Camp. After that I went to Hughes for three years. This neighborhood brings back many happy memories. I tried channeling some of them into this piece. 
  • A huge grid of streets make up the International City. Few are pictured on the mural. What street do you live on? I've lived on Walnut, 3rd, Nieto, Caspian, Daisy, 9th, and Chestnut.
  • My parents are from Japan. I am nisei, aka second generation. In Japanese, musubi = riceball & nagahama = Long Beach
  • This mural is made possible by 7th District Councilmember, Roberto Uranga and California Heights Neighborhood Association. Thank you for allowing me this experience, I am forever grateful. 
  • Tom-san aka @goodeyebadfinger is an amazing photographer. Check out his legit documentation of the mural painting process here

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