Frank Bros.

Frank Bros. 2400 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach, CA

Iconic furniture store in Long Beach, California.

A store that changed L.A.'s ways | August 15, 2009 | Martha Groves | Los Angeles Times Added 2/19/16

Added 2/19/16

Carlos Diniz - Entrance Presentation, Frank Brothers Furniture, Long Beach, CA  This is an Architectural Rendering of Frank Brothers Furniture in Long Beach, CA by architect Edward Killingsworth, CDA #1283.  1963

Frank Brothers Furniture and Moreddi of Long Beach, CA introduced Scandinavian furniture and modern + good design to the masses long before DWR, Ikea, or Target.  They were located at 2400 American Avenue by 1961.  Sadly the building was razed during the 1992 Riots.  

"Frank Bros. was the store that John Entenza, editor of Arts & Architecture magazine, enlisted to furnish the Case Study Houses, launched by the magazine toward the end of World War II... Frank Bros. appealed not just to the moneyed set but also to teachers and secretaries who used the store's layaway program. The store offered high style at low cost -- good-looking contemporary design genuinely within reach."  - A Store That Changed LA's Ways, Los Angeles Times, Martha Groves 8/15/09

"The idea was to carry a complete collection of the best, from Eames and Mies van der Rohe down to the least expensive furniture possible.  The philosophy was that you don't have to pay more for good design. That was a legacy of Edward and Maurice Frank." - Said Ron Frank Obituary of Edward Frank, 87; Early Retailer of Eames Style, Los Angeles Times, Mary Rourke, 3/25/05

Here are photos of Ron Frank, son of one of the two co-founders of famed Long Beach furniture company Frank Bros.  -  Frank Bros., the store that changed the way California decorated, Los Angeles Times, Deborah Netburn 8/13/09

I would like to visit this collection PRELIMINARY INVENTORY OF THE FRANK BROTHERS RECORDS, 1929-2005 that is at the Getty Research Institute and will document my findings here.  If you have stories to share or pictures with furniture from Franks Bros. please share.

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