Sketchbook for all 2013

"Yeah I love my sketchbook, I love doing this. It's when you daydream when you get lost in them.  That's where you develop your thoughts, it comes from that.   And if you don't do it you'll stay stagnant   So you have to find these quiet moments to get away to do some daydreaming some sketching and sort of just let fresh ideas come to you or hopefully come to you." - Samuel Mockbee

Watch Mockbee On Sketching on PBS. See more from Citizen Architect.

I have always been a person who sketches.  There was always something to draw or doodle on throughout my childhood.  At that time I didn't know what I was doing was sketchbooking, I was simply drawing because I felt like it.  It wasn't until I got to college and was formally informed of the idea of  documenting ones sketches in a book to record ideas / experiences.  There I flourished in this form because it came so naturally to me.

In my second year I was selected by Professor Jim Bagnall to participate in a one-week travel journaling workshop, the "Drawing Room." This experience taught me to let go and sketch for own well being.   Not for academia but similar to ways when I was a young peep, because I like drawing.  The act of drawing in my sketchbook to record the word around me, a thought I have, words to express, and plain doodle.  Those squiggly lines eventually turn into something.

For Christmas I am giving away handmade sketchbooks.  I make them on my free time and however many I have to give away I will.  They are 8.5x5.5 with 24 pages.  The covers currently are made of my Auntie Kathy's old poster-boards that have been collecting dust in my Great Aunt Helen's garage (aka Po-ke-to).  The paper is 20lb sheets in various colors.  They are bound together using Rowena Copon's borrowed / stolen sewing machine.  If you would like your own sketchbook, send me an 6x9 self-addressed envelope + $1.25 stamped envelope to:
Sketchbook for all 2013
Attention:  Emily Kiwa Tanaka
2420 Caspian Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90810
(Sketchbooks will be mailed after the First of the Year)

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