Word of the day - INTERURBAN

An interurban, is a type of electric passenger railroad; in short a hybrid between tram (streetcar) and train. Interurbans enjoyed widespread popularity in the first three decades of the twentieth century in North America. Until the early 1920s, most roads were unpaved and could become nearly impassable during wet weather. Travel was by horse back or carriage, and cartage was by horse-drawn wagon. The interurban provided a new predictable, durable, and comfortable way to travel and, in some cases, a way to get farm products including fresh milk into town. At present, what once was called an interurban is now categorized as either commuter rail or light rail, depending on operation, and may include urban streetcar lines.  - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interurban

Early champion of Interurban in Los Angeles - Ira L. Swett

About Interurban Press

Los Angeles interurban's past

Today's interurban, the MTA Blue Line travels from Downtown Los Angeles to Downtown Long Beach

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